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Electrically sign (E-Sign) and commission the entire transaction, legally and easily! MyClosing allows you to successfully and securely close your Purchase, Sale, or Refinancing transactions, in the safety of your home or office and on your own schedule. 

Powered by the latest technologies, successfully meet with a commissioner of oaths, speak with lawyers and professionals, and gain signatures on required documents. Created to meet your specific needs, MyClosing provides a simple and transparent process that allows you to close transactions in a way never before seen in the industry.  

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Pricing Packages

No longer worry about hidden fees or surprising add-ons! All pricing packages include standard legal documents, searches, access to our software, and closing services you need. If additional services are needed, our team will let you know right away! Only pay for what you agree to, every time.


Fixed Fee Bundle Starting at


Plus applicable Taxes


Fixed Fee Bundle Starting at


Plus applicable Taxes


Fixed Fee Bundle Starting at


Plus applicable Taxes


Fixed Fee Bundle Starting at


Plus applicable Taxes

Please Note for Purchases: Does not include Land Transfer Tax (LTT) or Municipal Land Transfer Tax (City of Toronto only) or H.S.T. Also,  on purchases over $750,000.00 we add $1 per thousand over $750,000.00 (plus HST) for the additional Title Insurance.

Please Note for Refinances: For mortgages over $1,000,000.00 please add $1 per thousand over $1,000,000.00 (plus HST) for the additional Title Insurance.


Virtual Commissioning and Notary Services

We are one of Ontario's first fully online notarial and document commissioning services. Our process allows our lawyers and Commissioners of Oaths to commission or notarize documents through our Video Signing Room™ powered by Syngrafii! Easily use our technology to conduct the commissioning or notarization of documents anywhere in Ontario, within minutes.

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Samples of What We Can Commission

Canadian Citizenship forms

Adult Name Change forms

Statutory of Lost, Stolen or Counterfeit Bank Card

Statutory Declaration of Lost Identification

Transfer of a Used Motor Vehicle in the Province of Ontario

Travel Affidavit

Affidavit of Unregistered Vehicle

Affidavit from the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

Affidavit of Proof of Residency

Affidavit for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport

Affidavit of a Lost Cheque

Domestic and Foreign Pension documents


Basic Notarization or Commissioning

1-4 Documents


Plus applicable Taxes

Advanced Notarization or Commissioning

5 or More Documents


Plus applicable Taxes

Additional Notarization or Commissioning

Require additional documents notarized or commissioned?

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Custom Pricing Applies

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Upfront Fees. No Surprises.

We’ve made hidden costs a thing of the past! Never again will you have to pay for telephone calls, faxes or photocopies when you choose to close transactions with MyClosing.

We strive to be of service to our clients in any way we can, but not at a hidden cost to you. If for any reason you require services outside of the scope of your plan, we will let you know of these costs right away! We will only move forward if you’d like us to.

That’s our promise to you. 

Transparent solutions designed for a changing industry!

Confidently work with MyClosing professionals when you need to, while enjoying the process.

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